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station in the western part of los angeles, the regular price, $4.99 a gallon, premium, $5.19 down the street at a different gas station, you will find the regular gas price at $5.39 and, as you might imagine, consumers are not so happy with prices this high. >> so they're jumping on us quickly and takes forever to t them back down. that is ridiculous. >> $10 in gas is not giving me a quarter of a tank if i made to put in $10 in gas. that is out of control and almost $5 a gallon. >> i ride my bike to work due to the gas prices. they have been increasing and i can't afford it. >> reporter: what is causing the higher prices? thnumber of reasons one, demand is up. two, california has a stricter standard for gas. you can't buy from surrounding states and on top of that, a number of refineries refining the gas for california have gone down. there was a major oil refinery fire in the bay area in august and a couple of others have gone offline as l. you add that up, that means there is less gas on the market, more demand, prices come up, which doesn't make consumers happy. the governor si
to be living in los angeles. >>> the white house has confirmed a cyber attack on the administration. they are not saying who carried out the attempt. the finger is being pointed to hackers from the chinese government. the associated press was told it targeted a network of unclassified information and there is no information that any data was removed. >> and on your monday, after a decade long fight, a piece of history closes its doors. what is next for the old power plant on the potomac. and seeing a little wet weather today. >> and i know the nat fans don't want to see that, will. it is very light. i'm expecting a few hundreds but we'll probably have light showers or drizzle. hopefully not enough to cause a rain delay. and we have scott out there. i'm sure the stands are filling regardless of the showers? >> reporter: well the showers are starting to go away. so it looks like they are on the way out and the magic number is one so that means a nats win, and the champagne will fro -- will flow tonight. >> get the goggles ready, scott. >> and if you have a story idea, we want to put i
in on theocations of all of the campaign served los angeles. e presidential candidate and the focus here at home and we have a lot of elections in our area as well. we have the senate race in virginia and maryland. and, of course, we have a pledge the ora of oral litany and gay marriage as well. and what we're going to do is low error -- throw some surprises as well and we have guests coming up. mark plotkin here to break down important news and that begins tonht. >>> the edge on maryland, incumbent democrat ben cardin gets a huge boost in his re- election campaign. today, "the washington post" endorsed cardin and this is as the poll from the newspaper shows him leading among likely voters. 53% of the vote is rivals, the republican dan bongino independent rob sabini has 49% of the vote. looks like there is a clear winner, analysts say there is a growing minority of marylanders voting for non-traditional candidates. we're airing, as you heard, a special one-hour debate between the candidates. didn't hear us, actually, it's new. you can see it here live on wednesday, october 31st at 9 a.m. >>> whe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3